“The 5 Most Unusual Faces of 2016”

In 2016, the world was witness to some radical political transformations and some bizarre medical stories that made it one of the most exciting years ever. From the election of Donald Trump to the rise of the Zika virus, these are the five most unusual faces of 2016.

Radical political transformations

In 2016, there were many radical political transformations all over the world. Some of the most controversial and dramatic changes include the Brexit vote in Britain and the U.S. presidential election. These hugely important political events led to a lot of new political dynamics and changes, which in turn made for some very strange and unusual social phenomena.

For example, one of the stranger social phenomena that emerged in 2016 was the “political bingo” trend. Essentially, this was a series of social media posts in which people would post cards with political points on them and then try to match up the points on their cards with those on other people’s cards. The goal was to get as many points as possible in a row, in order to win a prize. Needless to say, this trend became quite popular among political enthusiasts around the world.

Elsewhere, 2016 saw the rise of “ viral feminists”. These were women who became politicized and active online, due to the numerous powerful female political figures who emerged in 2016. These women were critical of the way that society treats women, and they used their platforms to raise awareness about these issues.

Overall, 2016 was a year of huge political change all over the world. As a result, we saw a lot of bizarre social phenomena emerge, including the “political bingo” trend and the rise of “viral feminists”.

Crazy medical stories

One of the most interesting things to happen in 2016 was the emergence of a whole new category of medical stories. In fact, it was such a big deal that it had its own name – mad science.

Some of these stories are truly bizarre. For example, there was a man who survived a 50-foot fall without any injuries. And then there was the child who was born with five fingers on one hand. Both of these cases are truly unique and shocking.

And then there are the medical miracles. Take, for example, the woman with a lung full of tumors. After surgery, her lungs were filled with enough tumors to cover an entire football field. But miraculously, she survived and is now cancer-free.

Overall, 2016 was a year of incredible medical discoveries and progress. And thank goodness for mad science!

Out-of-the-box fashion

In 2016, fashion became more experimental and creative than ever before. Some designers went to incredible lengths to create unique and eye-catching outfits. This year, we saw the emergence of different trends, such as the metallic craze and the deconstructed style. Some of the most famous names in fashion made some daring moves this year. There was an abundance of bizarre clothing choices on the runway this year, from see-through bikinis to puffy animal costumes. Many people were surprised by the creative and unusual developments seen in fashion this year.

Mind-blowing works of art

In 2016, there were a number of mind-blowing works of art that left viewers speechless. Some of these pieces were simply stunning to look at, while others had an incredible amount of detail or creative genius. Here are five of the most impressive paintings, sculptures, and other artworks from this year.

1. “The Scream” by Edvard Munch is a iconic painting that has always left a lasting impression on viewers. This year, a new version of the painting was unveiled, which is even more stunning than the original.

2. Zhang Huan’s “Ice Flowers”, also known as “The seven branches of Jiulong River”, is a stunning landscape painting that is made up of exquisitely detailed flowers and leaves. The painting was recently sold for $86 million, making it one of the most expensive pieces of art ever sold.

3. “Mother and Child (Terra cotta)”, a sculpture created by Michelangelo in the 15th century, was recently restored and displayed in London for the first time in over 400 years. The sculpture is now considered one of the most beautiful pieces of art in the world.

4. “Nighthawks”, a painting by Edward Hopper, tells the story of two men who are sitting in a bar after work. The painting has been described as “one of the most emotionally powerful pieces of American art”.

5. “The Black Madonna” by Giuseppe Mazzola is a controversial painting that was recently sold for $162 million, making it the most expensive artwork ever sold. The painting is said to depict the Virgin Mary as a dark and angry woman, which some viewers find blasphemous.

Incredible athletes

As 2016 came to a close, it was clear that there were some incredible athletes out there. Whether they were making headlines with their incredible performances or achieving fame for their unique abilities, these are the five most impressive athletes of the year.

1. American sprinter Usain Bolt continued to amaze the world with his unbelievable speed and agility.

2. South Korean golfer Yani Tseng became the first Asian woman to win a major championship, and she did it in style.

3. Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova battled through multiple injuries to win her second Wimbledon title, and she proved that age is just a number.

4. American gymnast Simone Biles dominated the international stage, claiming multiple medals at the Olympic and world championships.

5. Serena Williams continued to be one of the greatest female athletes in history, as she captured her 22nd Grand Slam title and became the first woman in history to hold all six Olympic tennis titles at once.

2016 was a year of change for many people around the world, with new faces and new trends emerging. These five individuals, who made 2016 exciting and unique, are proof that anything is possible in this ever-changing world.






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