Law Enforcement Technology for Forensic Composite Sketches

Scotland Yard’s Facial Composite System
Computer Composites with Remarkable Resolution

Welcome to the EFIT (Electronic Facial Identification Technique) for Windows home page. You have located a computer software program used to create police drawings. This law enforcement software was developed for Scotland Yard for the purpose of creating a facial composite. This forensic technology contains the world’s largest database of hairstyles, facial features, and accessories. Please follow the links on this page for more information about this police department identification software.

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EFIT (Electronic Facial Identification Technique) is used in over 18 foreign countries and is in 7 different languages. With thousands of features available to you and connecting to a paint program, there is nothing a witness/victim can ask for that cannot be created.

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EFIT is number one in facial composite technology. Developed in England for New Scotland Yard EFIT is now being used by Canadian and U.S. Federal agencies as well as Police Departments across North America.

What makes EFIT for Windows the best? It’s the biggest, it’s the most user friendly and it’s well supported.

  • User Friendly – to both investigators and victims.
  • Compatible – links to paint and desktop and digital mug shot systems.
  • Training – can be accomplished in one day.
  • Hit Rate – Departments using EFIT are getting anywhere from 25-80% success.
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